Openlake is the first NFT marketplace which is deeply integrated with AI, IoT and Blockchain technologies. Openlake focuses on Music, Film, Game and Art, and has partnered with top entertainment companies worldwide.

With AI and IoT, Openlake supports the streaming of Music NFTs to hardware players and wearable devices which can provide unprecedented experiences. One of the main objectives of Openlake is to reshape the distribution of the pop music songs with the new technologies.

Openlake now officially enters the Hong Kong market and works with local music firms in Hong Kong. Hong Kong used to produce quality pop music…

Tixxy, a concert announcement service that sends SMS messages to hopeful showgoers when their favorite artists announce sales for local and virtual shows, is launching a partnership with Lyte, a technology platform that has reimagined ecommerce for live events by enabling fans to reserve, return and exchange tickets through its proprietary reservations system.

Lyte’s fan and industry-friendly solutions have been utilized by hundreds of major events worldwide, festivals and artists including Newport Folk Festival and tours with the likes of Mumford & Sons and Wilco.

Both Tixxy and Lyte aim to make performing easier for all of those involved in…

Amazon Music announces DJ Mode, a brand new, on-demand listening experience that combines the personalization, control, and breadth of catalog of streaming with the vibrancy and personality of DJ-hosted radio — all in one destination. Listeners in the U.S. can opt in today to check out new, DJ-hosted stations across hip-hop, country, and pop, featuring music insights from industry experts and tastemakers, and drop-ins from top artists, plus music facts and trivia from Alexa. Learn more here.

“We’re continuing to revolutionize how listeners experience music, and with DJ Mode we’re combining the best of streaming and traditional radio,” said Steve…

What if artists owned the means of distribution and promotion? That radical question launched Audius, the decentralized music protocol and largest consumer-facing blockchain-based app running today.

Audius was designed to put control and ownership into the hands of creators and fans, building a community and an ecosystem where ideas flowed from those using it. “We want to give power to the artists who are making the system valuable and we realized that meant we had to give ownership to artists using it,” explains CEO and Co-founder Roneil Rumburg. “In any reasonable view of the world, what makes UGC platforms like…

BandLab’s AudioStretch app has hit the top of the Apple App Store charts for paid music apps in the US and UK. Though the app had been in stores for several years, it saw a massive spike in downloads recently, more than 20–30 times what the app experienced previously.

As of early June, downloads were up 420% month over month.

Why? One word: TikTok.

Turntable ( today launches their beloved platform to the elation of their diehard community of fans and artists alike. This all-new platform is designed for social networking with music fans, free to join and spearheaded by one of the co-founders of the original Turntable, Joseph Perla (Facebook, Lyft).

Download the all-new Turntable ( now in the app store (IOS or Android) or via desktop HERE.

When the original version was launched nearly 10 years ago as the only interactive music-sharing social platform allowing users to DJ and connect with friends in real time using a personalized avatar, the concept was…

Triton Digital announced a partnership with PayTunes, India’s only Audio Ad Aggregation Platform to integrate the PayTunes DSP with Triton’s award-winning programmatic audio marketplace.

Through this integration, buyers that use PayTunes can now leverage Triton’s audio SSP to access premium supply produced by radio organizations, podcasters, news organizations, professional sports leagues, streaming audio platforms, and more to execute brand-safe audio ad buys through both open marketplace and private marketplace deals.

Sonos has debuted an exclusive new Sonos Radio HD station from Brian Eno called The Lighthouse, launching alongside the expanded availability of Sonos Radio HD into Austria, Canada, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Since its launch in April 2020, Sonos Radio has continued to evolve and expand its programming with artists at the creative helm, offering unparalleled experiences for artists and music fans to connect through human-curated content and music discovery.

A lifelong creator and innovator, Eno collaborated with Sonos Radio to design a new station format that explores his extensive archive of unreleased work. The Lighthouse will serve as…

Digital fitness is booming, and this boom needs music. The Class and Bande are turning to SyncFloor for one-click licenses of high-quality commercial music. SyncFloor is home to over 10K tracks by independent artists who have garnered well over 2.5 billion streams on Spotify.

“The ability to legally source great commercial music directly impacts the quality of experience fitness brands deliver to their subscribers. They need quality music for live and on-demand classes,” explains SyncFloor co-founder and CEO Kirt Debique. …

HFA’s Rumblefish, the nation’s leading provider of music industry rights administration services, entered into an agreement with Feed Media Group, to provide music rights administration support for Adaptr, a B2B music platform offering licensing, distribution, UX, and curation for early-stage companies and app developers, while making it easy for rightsholders to analyze usage and get paid.

Feed Media Group identified a need to bridge the gap between rightsholders and the startup community. They developed Adaptr so that early-stage companies can get to market quickly with rights-cleared popular music, ensuring a richer and engaging customer experience. …

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