A&R Platform Meddling Launches Songwriter Discovery Tool for Publishers

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2 min readApr 7, 2021

Meddling, the artist discovery platform for record labels, is unveiling a new version of its service built specifically for music publishers to discover songwriters.

“There are more than 20 unpublished songwriters in the US Top 100 right now,” says Travis Rosenblatt, founder and CEO of Meddling. “Publishers have not yet had access to the same set of tools to discover songwriters that labels have been using for years to find new artists. There is a huge opportunity here for frontline publishing A&R.”

Since 2015, Meddling has been an indispensable tool for some of the music industry’s biggest companies. By providing fully customizable, automated analysis of real-time international music consumption, Meddling users are quickly alerted to emerging artists specific to their A&R investment thesis.

Five years in the making, Meddling for Publishers uses a learning layer that intelligently fills in partial or missing publishing data that allows these same discovery and tracking tools to automatically surface unpublished songwriters.

The seemingly simple question of who wrote a song is oftentimes a near impossible question to answer, particularly for new releases. Instead of slogging through a maze of acronyms (DSP credits, MDX, ICE, CIS-NET, ASCAP/BMI, HFA/MLC), publishers can now use Meddling’s automated system to rapidly surface trending unpublished songwriters and filter them by geography, genre(s), and prolificacy.

In addition to songwriter discovery for signing purposes, publishers can also view trending published writers to be ahead of the curve when setting up co-writes, sessions, and camps. PROs can also view data by unaffiliated songwriters for a competitive edge in early signings (that isn’t just throwing money around that belongs to other songwriters).

Meddling for Publishers is currently being tested by several prominent independent publishers, including Concord, APG, Downtown, Riptide, Ultra, and Nettwerk.

“Travis and Meddling are always driving innovation in the marriage of music and data,” says Mike Caren, APG CEO. “Meddling for Publishers furthers this and opens the door for publishers to get quick and easy visibility of available songwriters.”


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