Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money Again

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4 min readJun 7, 2017


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Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money
It has the potential to give us a new golden age of music.

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Arena Music Begins Offering Bitcoin Payouts for Artist
The music platform, Arena Music, has been experimenting with payouts in the popular cryptocurrency over the past six months. It unveiled its plan to offer a payout program to all artists on the platform in Bitcoin.


Concord Bicycle Music Buys Imagem Music Group Heralding a Golden Age of Music
Concord Bicycle Music’s acquisition of Imagem Music Group exemplifies the recent surge in interest in acquiring music content, heralding a Golden Age of Music Publishing.

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Apple unveils HomePod speaker at WWDC
Apple last night sought to put itself at the centre of a new wave of smart home gadgets and rebut claims it had lost ground against tech rivals by unveiling a voice-controlled music speaker.


Meet the man classifying every genre of music on Spotify — all 1,387 of
Do you prefer ‘neurostep’ or ‘vapor house’? Spotify’s ‘data alchemist’ is using technology to help identify new musical trends.

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Spotify Lawsuit Settlement Aims At Solving Music Industry Data
A proposed settlement in songwriters’ lawsuit against Spotify strikes at the heart of data problems in the music industry — and attempts to help solve them.


Is recorded music better than live music — or is it the other way around?
The Audiophiliac ponders the live vs. recorded music question.


How Streaming Music Online Can Change What’s Popular on the
Don’t like what you hear on the radio? Streaming music services, while not perfect, are giving fans a way to change what tops the charts.

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Anthony Hamilton Tells Us How He’s Still Winning In Streaming Wars & Digital

It’s always been about giving people quality music and giving them what they need and not what you think they deserve. That’s very important.


Podcast Player AudioBoom Hires Diffusion To Boost US

Global podcasting platform brings in agency to help drive awareness.

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Apple Music hits 27M paid subs, adds MusicKit API and social
Ping is still dead but Apple Music is becoming more social, and more flexible so it can work with all your other devices or apps. This slew of new features..

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Chuck Berry’s final studio album, ‘Chuck,’ is streaming at NPR

Rock ’n’ roll icon Chuck Berry, who died in March at age 90, left behind a legacy that includes seminal American songs including “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Maybellene” and “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man.”



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