Bopper Adds Investment Strategist Françoise E. Lyon to Board of Directors

On-demand music sync licensing service, Bopper, is announcing that the President and Managing Partner of DGC Capital, Françoise E. Lyon, will be joining their board of directors this month. Lyon has a wealth of experience in finance and investing, capital raising, business development and is passionate in her current role at DGC Capital, as she looks to invest in entrepreneurial up-and-comers who are positively impacting the world.

Lyon comes to the board of Bopper with over 25 years in the finance industry, working in wealth management, business development, client servicing & increasing market share. She has worked for Merrill Lynch in Canada as Vice president of the private client solutions group and Director of Marketing, more than 5 years at the National Bank of Canada as its Vice-President of Marketing & Strategy for their wealth management division, as well as Senior Vice-president of Pembroke Wealth Management, a boutique investment firm in Montreal. Today, as President & Managing Partner of DGC Capital, her passion is in funding innovators and disruptive companies looking to make a positive difference in society at large.

In addition to Bopper’s product, Lyon was impressed by the mission statement and vision of the leadership team, CEO Gabriel Bouchard and Co-founder, VP of Product and Partnerships, Phil Messier — who have built the most intuitive curated library of pre-licensed music for advertisers in the industry. “I like the fact that Bopper is remediating inequality when it comes to connecting musicians to sources of income in the advertising industry,” said Lyon. “I think it’s fair pay for fair service. What I see in Bopper’s business model is an innate equality in the way they’re ensuring artist compensation, with little or no regard for their level of notoriety.”

The team at Bopper is thrilled to have Lyon on the board, recognizing the vast experience she brings to the table. “It is an honor and privilege to have Françoise join our board of directors,” said Bopper CEO Gabriel Bouchard. “I have known her for several years and I am eager to see the huge impact her foresight will have on Bopper as we look to grow our artist and advertising client base.”

Along with a distinguished finance resume, Lyon also chairs the board at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, speaks 3 languages, and is a world traveler, with dual citizenship in both the U.K. and Canada. She is thrilled to take a journey of a different sort, into the world of music licensing.

“What Bopper has created is a dynamic, diverse team who are not looking to make a buck just to make a buck,” said Lyon, “but rather, they have really sussed out the flaw in the music industry when it comes to allocation and discovery. They uncovered something that needed to be improved, and they went out to create something that helped improve it, which I think will fundamentally change the way agencies find artists and music for advertising.”

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