Def Leppard to Host 40th Anniversary Livestream Event

Def Leppard is back with another exclusive event to connect directly with their longtime fans.

On August 28th, Def Leppard will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the multi-platinum album High ’n’ Dry with an exclusive, track by track retrospective featuring the band and special guests.

This livestream worldwide broadcast premiere will feature Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, and Rick Allen in brand new interviews revealing behind-the-scenes stories from their legendary 1981 release. Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell will discuss the album’s impact on their own musical trajectory and the world of rock and roll.

In addition, several special guests will talk about High ’n’ Dry’s influence, along with answers to questions sourced directly from fans. This hour-plus event is only available inside the Def Leppard Vault.

The August 28th event builds on the band’s recent livestream entitled “All I’ve Got is a Photograph” with Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, and photographer Ross Halfin. This hugely successful event using the latest streaming technology was a “candid conversation between old friends and fan Q&A about the most iconic, wild, heartbreaking, and hilarious photos in the Def Leppard collection.” If you missed this event, you can now rent it inside The Def Leppard Vault.

Tickets are available now.

The Def Leppard Vault is powered by Definitive Authentic, and in collaboration with Single Music, a Nashville-based company that builds music-centered tools for eCommerce and virtual events of all kinds, to bring these unique events directly to fans.

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