DEVO Launches The Ultimate Anti-NFT

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2 min readOct 13, 2021


Trust Me Vodka, the award-winning premium boutique Vodka brand and experiential lifestyle company, today announced the introduction of its first music-infused premium collectible box set experience in close collaboration with iconic and iconoclastic New Wave band DEVO and artist-first, music-driven media company Deep Cuts Media.

Developed for superfans and collectors alike, this DEVO infused and customized limited edition premium collectible box set experience includes two bottles of DEVO-branded award-winning gluten-free Trust Me Vodka and never-before-seen graphics created by the band. Each of this rare limited edition of 1,500 collectibles is also individually autographed by every member of DEVO — Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Mothersbaugh — and each comes individually numbered and authenticated. DEVO was involved in every step of the development of this collectible.

“DEVO. The pioneering art and music collective. We were ‘spuds’ with ‘eyes all around,” said DEVO co-founder, singer, bass player and overall artistic visionary Gerald Casale. “This premium potato-based Vodka is the perfect fit. High end. Art in a bottle. Apart from its quality, this collectible’s rarity means we expect its value to rise over time. Trust me.”

Long-time music and entertainment innovator Peter Csathy’s Deep Cuts Media produced the collectible in collaboration with DEVO and Trust Me Vodka and agrees.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Trust Me Vodka and DEVO on this first-of-its-kind music icon-driven premium Vodka collectible. DEVO is the perfect fit for Trust Me Vodka’s premium award-winning Vodka experience. They are artistic and innovative award-winning spuds.

“In a world awash with NFT’s, this is a tangible, beautiful, rare and valuable collectible that can be held, displayed, savored, and sipped. Can an NFT say that? DEVO once again is innovating, this time in the world of high-end music-driven collectible experiences. Expect Trust Me Vodka and Deep Cuts Media to create many more unique artist-driven experiences — and to add NFT’s into the mix. Imagine more iconic artists marrying NFT’s with tangible collectibles like this Trust Me Vodka experience. That’s the perfect storm for superfans and collectors alike. And that’s exactly where we’re going.”

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