Feed Media Group Introduces Dedicated Music Team

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3 min readAug 25, 2021

Feed Media Group is growing the music department, which reflects the heart and soul of the company. The Music Department will work to strengthen FMG’s relationships with music rightsholders — labels, publishers, and artists — and ensure their interests remain in sharp focus across the company.

Bryn Boughton, the driving force behind FMG’s latest product Adaptr, the all-in-one music solution for startups, will head this new team, bringing her decades of experience and relationships into play as VP of Music.

“Music has always been at the core of what everyone at Feed does, and the formation of a music affairs team was the next step in marshaling resources within the company. We are not just a tech company but a company with music at its heart,” Bryn explains.

Bryn knows these needs and priorities well, thanks to decades spent on the label, distribution, and licensing sides of the music business.

Over the course of her career, Bryn ran independent record labels, managed artist development programs at Valley Media, Inc., and founded a leading digital distributor that was eventually acquired by The Orchard. She understands how to balance and connect with the music industry’s diverse players.

Yet she never loses sight of the music itself and the people enjoying it: “As a company, we want everyone to experience the power of music. I want the end consumer to enjoy the music that is optimal for their context or experience, whether it’s major label hits or the latest indie sound. A diverse catalog and access to innovative music is really important for our customers who want to provide great music experiences.”

These music experiences range across a striking array of apps, services, and products, from workouts on demand to group dance sessions, from speech therapy and other medical treatment to quirky mobile games. As more and more ideas that blur boundaries between media and contexts emerge, such as new VR fitness applications and metaverse experiences, Bryn and her team will make sure rightsholders have the information and data they need to make wise, informed decisions. Thanks to FMG’s long-standing emphasis on reporting and data analysis, music rightsholders will get a glimpse of what’s taking off in brand-new spaces and what new opportunities are worth leaning into. “We want to encourage innovation,” Bryn says, “where licensing difficulties may have traditionally hobbled it.”

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with music growth, something the Music Department will be keenly attuned to. “In my career, I’ve always focused on making a real impact on the revenue outcome for our customers. At IRIS Distribution, the real value we added was understanding the landscape and deepening our relationships with the editors and influencers who would make a difference for our labels. FMG is in a similar position; we strive to create harmony between tech and music while increasing revenue opportunities for the music industry.”

Bryn and her team want to help serve these goals by licensing, curating, and serving up the right music at the right moment. “We want to align what we’re doing with our music partners’ plans for growth and empower more music discovery. Fitness instructors are becoming influencers. Games are becoming music discovery channels. We’ve built an amazing, large distribution platform and that means we can service innovators and help keep rightsholders moving towards their goals.”

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