Horus Music Expand to Offer Publishing for all Independent Artists, Songwriters

Platform & Stream
3 min readMar 4, 2024

Having been in business for 17 years, Horus Music have seen roaring success supporting artists and labels across the globe through their award-winning distribution and artist and label services.

With an increasing demand of independent artists and songwriters looking to fund their music careers without the intervention of a label taking a slice of the pie, sourcing additional revenue streams outside of distribution is essential for the survival of the independent music scene.

Horus Music have expanded their offerings and officially launched Horus Music Publishing, a music publishing administrative service open to any songwriter or publishing rights holder.

Hosting a simple and easy platform, Horus Music Publishing enables users to handle their distribution and publishing needs right within their bespoke ‘My Client Zone’ technology.

Their brand-new custom-built platform ‘My Music Publishing Zone’ has allowed Horus Music Publishing to form direct partnerships with key PRO’s globally, meaning more efficient administration of artist and songwriters’ music publishing rights.

Horus Music Publishing director Deborah Smith adds:

“It brings me great pleasure to guide the launch of both Horus Music Publishing and My Music Publishing Zone. Our goal was to create a process as simple and automated as possible for artists and creators to look after their publishing rights, and we’ve built a platform that’s both accessible to use and efficiently delivers data to our partners. I’m delighted that we can add publishing to the toolkit of the DIY artists that are using Horus Music!”

Publishing is an essential revenue stream for artists of all calibres, but for independent artists, it can be exceptionally lucrative and often left unclaimed. With many artists unaware they can earn publishing royalties for their distributed music alongside pay-outs from their distributor, thousands of artists are leaving money on the table and missing out on valuable income.

Music publishing can provide artists and songwriters extra earnings through the likes of registering live show set lists, radio plays and so much more; simply by signing up with a music publisher.

With many artists wanting to dedicate more of their time to creating great music, Horus Music Publishing empowers users to focus on being creative, whilst they take care of the admin and ensure clients are earning the most amount of revenue for their music through collecting performance, mechanical and lyric royalties.

Boasting a team on hand via email and phone to handle queries direct, Horus Music Publishing continues to offer the same superior level of customer service as their distribution sibling.

With artists retaining 90% of their performance and mechanical income, Horus Music Publishing provides a transparent, affordable, and simple solution for all your publishing needs.

On the forthcoming launch of Horus Music Publishing, Managing Director and CEO Nick Dunn comment:

“I am immensely proud of what my team has achieved with Horus Music Publishing. The new tools form part of an essential suite that helps artists, labels and rights holders of all levels to maximise their income with ease.”