Immersion Networks Launches mix³, Cloud-Based Spatial Audio Platform for Creators

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3 min readMay 10, 2021

Immersion Networks, the spatial audio innovators, are launching a cloud platform that allows anyone to upload tracks and mix them in a three-dimensional environment.

Remarkably intuitive and affordable, mix³ by Immersion Networks (; pronounced “mixcubed”) is the first 3D audio mixing platform available to everyone — podcasters, content creators, producers, artists, and engineers — that lets them transform files into lush, intimate, headphone-ready mixes.

These mixes can be appreciated without special hardware and distributed through streaming services.

“mix³ is the point of entry to a new world of emotionally-compelling audio experiences that redefine what’s possible with the hardware a customer already owns,” says Jim Rondinelli, COO of Immersion Networks. “Our transformative audio experience can be delivered on any streaming media platform. We put a lot of effort into making these tools accessible to every content creator at a nominal cost, whether they’re making videos for TikTok and YouTube or operating the world’s top recording studios.”

Using mix³ is easy: Users upload mono or stereo tracks and can place them in any position relative to the listener.

They can experiment with proximity and depth, finding the perfect spot to ensure sound eparation and to invoke the right emotional response.

The end result is new and striking.

The platform can enhance and speed up the mixing process even for seasoned pros.

“mix³ is a mastering quality, cloud-based 3D audio mixing platform,” says inventor and Immersion Networks President and Founder Paul Hubert. “We put it in the cloud because the computational requirements are so high to offer this level of sound. It allows creators to access the power of extremely expensive specialized audio hardware and computers from any device. No one has to change anything, whether they’re mixing a podcast or sound effects or their latest single. They can just head to our website. Anyone of the billions of potential listeners out there can experience it on existing headphones.”

mix³’s new spatial audio format has already been used in commercial releases distributed to streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

mix³ is offering a free 30-day trial with an introductory subscription starting at $9.99/mo. Users can sign up for early access today at:


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