InternetFM Releases tvOS for AppleTV

InternetFM released AppleTV app version of it’s mobile platform.

The 1.0 release includes features such as custom colors, liked stations, recently played songs, favorite artists,* and a grid view of all 50 radio stations on the platform.

The music continues to play even when the Apple TV enters sleep mode, with an unobtrusive song notification in the upper right corner while the visualizer plays. InternetFM has been designed to take advantage of Apple TV’s Top Shelf feature. It will display album artwork for songs playing on stations in the app, without having to open Internetfm.

Steve Leventhal, CEO: “We are evolving to enable better music discovery and deeper selection for passionate music fans around the world. It’s time to bring back the independence of radio when DJ’s unconstrained by corporate dictation.”

The user-friendly interface is designed to provide a unique experience while listeners find and enjoy the best from old and new music. Today’s passionate music fans are always looking for high quality sources of music. Internet FM continues to fill this void with their array of 50 hand-curated radio stations.
More upcoming features include exciting fan interaction. The features will also allow collaborations with up and coming rising bands as well.

*only registered listeners can use this function

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