LÜM Launches Creator Clubs to Benefit Musicians and Their Fans

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3 min readSep 7, 2021

Music platform LÜM announced the launch of its new flagship monetization and engagement tool for musicians — Creator Clubs. The Clubs are designed to enhance the relationship between artists and their fans.

LÜM, which was founded in 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin, is a digital platform that allows artists to directly share their content, connect with other artists, and interact with their fans. Previously available exclusively on iOS, the company recently launched its web and Android platforms and has quickly surpassed 200,000 registered music creators on the platform. This rapid scaling has made LÜM one of the fastest-growing music technology platforms in the United States. Over the past 18 months, LÜM has released direct-to-artist Virtual Gifting and The Exchange, a music marketplace where registered music creators can buy and sell music services collaboratively. Clubs are the newest expansion of LÜM’s creator monetization toolkit.

Creator Clubs are a direct-to-artist monthly subscription that allows artists to monetize their biggest fans on a recurring basis. Artists can offer their fans exclusive content, early music releases, behind-the-scenes footage, personalized communication and instant updates. With Clubs, fans receive real-time notifications via email, SMS and push notifications every time an artist posts in their Club. Additionally, subscribers gain access to prioritized direct messaging to further interact with their favorite creators. Unlike other direct-to-creator subscription platforms, LÜM’s technology is designed for music creators specifically.

“As the creator economy has gained mainstream momentum, there have been several platforms to enter the space, but none that truly fit the needs of music creators,” said Max Fergus, CEO of LÜM. “Our mission is to put more money in the pockets of every artist. Creator Clubs allow music creators to build sustainable and identifiable fanbases, communicate in real-time with those fans, and ultimately leverage those communities to drive engagement across all of their activities as an artist.”

Fergus emphasized that Creator Clubs are a tool for artists of all sizes. For creators who are just beginning their music careers, they are a way to build an identifiable, accessible and financially scalable fanbase. For established artists like NE-YO, LÜM’s global ambassador, Clubs offer the ability to give back to his loyal fans while providing him with a new revenue stream.

Tishawn Gayle of Compound Entertainment, a 30-year music industry veteran, said the way the music industry measures success and how record labels identify talent is changing.

“Labels are no longer just looking at streaming metrics or social media metrics but are diving deeper into an artist’s fanbase,” Gayle said. “Does this artist have fans that financially support them in their careers? Do they have enough fans that would buy tickets to their shows? Streaming and engagement metrics are a useful tool but finding artists with a real fanbase is the future of artist identification for labels.”

In addition to the launch of Creator Clubs, LÜM has expanded its Virtual Gifting technology beyond tracks, and now includes creators’ photos and video content. This provides creators on LÜM with the opportunity to receive direct financial support from other users on all types of content uploaded to the platform. LÜM continues to collaborate with creators to develop the platform’s future to fit their needs.

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