LANDR Launches New Mastering API for Creator Tools Platforms and Apps

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3 min readMay 3, 2022


LANDR is bringing its flagship mastering product to more creator tools platforms, thanks to its new API. It will allow other apps and platforms to use all of the core features of LANDR’s groundbreaking AI-powered mastering technology, right where the user is.

The API is launching with two partners, Offtop, an app that allows creators to write and record full vocal references on the go, and DAO, an artist services platform that combines production, marketing, and distribution.

“LANDR Mastering defined what AI can do for music and set the standard for new mastering technology,” explains Pascal Pilon, LANDR CEO. “This new API will allow us to integrate this tech directly into partners’ products. To put it simply, they will be able to add the API to the tools they offer their users.”

Via LANDR’s API, partners will be able to offer users the online mastering experience LANDR Mastering is renowned for, including three previewable loudness settings and mastering styles that fit a wide range of music genres and audio approaches. They will gain access to LANDR’s powerful patented machine-learning engine, which a large dedicated team of developers and audio pros update regularly.

“LANDR is the industry leader for accessible, high quality masters. Through this API integration, we’re able to offer thousands of artists access to LANDR’s AI mastering technology on their mobile phone to ensure every idea they capture sounds great,” said Sam Hamad, co-founder of OffTop.

Users will gain control of their audio quality, putting an end to inconsistent, mediocre-sounding audio for their video, DJ set, or music projects. It will give them this power without requiring them to leave the partner’s platform–reducing friction and helping creators finish their projects.

“Audio quality is an underappreciated element of what makes a track or a video go viral,” notes Daniel Rowland, LANDR’s Head of Strategy and Partnerships and GRAMMY-nominated, Oscar-winning audio engineer and producer. “We’re helping partners raise the bar on their audio quality, which in turn will help retain users and subscribers and improve the overall quality of what creators can produce and share.”

This API is part of LANDR’s overall vision of providing pro-grade tools to creators at all stages of their journey, meeting artists, producers, and audio creators where they are. “LANDR’s platform is designed to clear away all roadblocks to creation, from the first notes or beats to the final polish of mastering,” says Pilon. “We want to bring some of this artist-friendly simplicity to our industry partners, to help more creators realize their visions.”

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