Lyric Financial Powers $100 Million of Funding to the Music Industry

Lyric Financial, the company that pioneered royalty-based financing for the global music community, is announcing it has crossed $100 million mark in financing provided to its clients. From automated advances for independent artists and labels to creatively structured facilities for A-list, high net-worth clients and larger independent music companies, the company has processed over 24k transactions in 32 countries, empowering tens of thousands of musicians and music companies to achieve their goals.

“We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish by working thoughtfully and consistently with our clients,” says Lyric Financial Founder and CEO Eli Ball. “We’ve kept our promises and provided our services with integrity, in a business that isn’t always above board and rarely transparent.”

The field of companies offering artists money has grown crowded in recent years, from corporate and private equity-backed catalog aggregators to startups eager to grow at any cost. Lyric Financial, however, has built its business over a decade by first listening to our clients then offering sustainable options that support their goals, whether that be creating custom financing structures to address complex situations or more efficient products as technology and customer needs shift.

These products include royalty advances, credit lines, catalog and business loans, master and publishing acquisition facilities, and increasingly automated financing through its vATM product, currently offered to Tunecore customers. No other financial services company in the music space has the volume and the breadth of Lyric Financial.

Lyric Financial has long prided itself on its no-nonsense, compassionate approach, one designed to last — and to offer help, not hype, to its customers. “We see ourselves as coaches, trying to understand how our tools can help our clients reach whatever aim they’ve set,” Ball explains. “That’s how we got to this point, by doing what’s right by our clients and by understanding what they are trying to solve for.”


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