Mapbox Launches Dash: In-car Navigation, Live Traffic, Streaming Music All-in-one Application

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3 min readApr 19, 2021

Mapbox today announced the launch of Mapbox Dash, a customizable lane level navigation system for cars. Dash allows automakers to control every aspect of the navigation experience, including the map and UI design, and offers lane level guidance, live traffic, speed limit warnings, voice integration, rich places search, AR navigation, mobile integrations and more. It supports integrations into custom services like parking, fuel, AI assistants, and streaming music. Mapbox Dash is available to car makers as a subscription service with continuous feature updates throughout the lifetime of the application.

“With Mapbox Dash, we are delivering the best of both worlds for our customers: an integrated application with an excellent and fast ‘out of the box’ experience for Android and Linux, and a customization option through the Mapbox platform to create a unique OEM brand experience aligned with drivers’ needs. We believe great applications are built around customer feedback, and our team is continuously updating Dash with frequent new releases that incorporate driver feedback and ensure we are offering the most up-to-date and personalized platform to our customers,” — said Peter Sirota, Mapbox CEO.

General Motors (“GM”) is the first car maker to adopt Mapbox Dash through the launch of its Maps+, a connected in-car navigation application built on Mapbox Dash. On April 30, Maps+ is expected to begin its rollout to approximately 900,000 compatible vehicles as part of select Connected Services plans. For the rollout, drivers will be able to upgrade their existing vehicle to include a full featured in-car navigation system with a simple over the air software update.

“Mapbox Dash delivers an efficient and smooth customizable foundation for our digital location ecosystem and enabled us to launch Maps+ within months with an over-the-air update to the car. With Mapbox Dash we can create a customized navigation experience, by creating a completely GM specific design and integrating a vehicle-specific voice assistant, streaming music, and other services,” said Santiago Chamorro, Vice President, Global Connected Services at GM.

GM will launch an initial version with a distinct look and feel for their Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands. The navigation system will include lane level guidance, live traffic and incidents, Electronic Horizon for speed limit alerts, Alexa integration, rich POI search with ratings, pictures, and opening times. The application suggests gas stations when the car is running low on fuel and finds parking at the destination with a tap on the parking button. The search function stores favorite destinations and past destinations on drivers’ private accounts reducing starting a trip to known destinations to few taps on the screen. A convenient widget on top of the map offers audio controls for direct access to audio apps and FM/AM.


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