Mixcloud Launches Host Tagging Feature

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2 min readMar 22, 2024

Radio stations and curators play a key role in nurturing grassroots music scenes around the world. Every station needs the talent of its DJs to build a reputation, while every budding radio presenter needs that first chance at a guest spot on a station to get started.

The strength of these communities has the ability to shape the future of music.

Mixcloud has always been the go-to home for these creative communities and we’re keen to support their work in any way we can to help move music culture forward. That’s why we’ve launched Host Tagging, a new addition to the Mixcloud Pro toolkit. The feature taps into the power of connecting communities by allowing one show to be published multiple profiles

“Tens of thousands of radio communities have built a home on Mixcloud over the years. Now we want to make it easier for stations and curators to connect on a deeper level with the DJs who make what they do possible, and get much more out of Mixcloud.” — Mat Clayton, Mixcloud Co-founder & CTO

This feature benefits anyone uploading mixes or shows made by other DJs to their Mixcloud profiles (such as radio stations, nightclubs, festivals, labels and magazines) as well as their hosts. Station or curator profiles can now invite creators to join their community, tag them in shows and reach new listeners on Mixcloud.

“Host Tagging helps our DJs and hosts connect with us and share their music on their personal profiles, all while showcasing our radio station. It’s invaluable in making it easier to search for shows.” — EXT Radio

Host Tagging unlocks a new layout and Hosts tab for radio station and curator profiles that showcases their full roster of DJs and saves them time on manual playlisting by automating curation, helping their shows get the exposure they deserve.

When hosts are tagged, their shows are grouped together under the Hosts tab so die-hard listeners can go straight to their favorite shows without getting lost in the noise. Meanwhile tagged shows get published directly to the host’s profile, notifying their followers so they can tune in too.

“It’s great to offer hosts the ability to claim shows and display them on their profile as well as ours, without duplicating the audio or need to repost the show. We hope it helps us build a sense of community and reach new audiences”Reform Radio

Hosts get extra recognition for the effort it takes to craft a show and receive notifications for any chart positions, favorites, comments or reposts. They can also access stats for the shows they are tagged in to see what’s working and what can be improved. Plus, an official badge on their profile shows their connected communities when sharing their work with others online.