Music.AI Sets RoEx as Third Partner Integrated Into its AI Platform

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2 min readJun 13, 2024


Music.AI, the leading B2B AI-powered music and audio platform, has announced a partnership with RoEx, the AI multitrack mixing service for musicians, producers, and content creators.

The news represents the latest step in Music.AI’s strategy of offering a single platform that provides an entire ecosystem of scalable audio services.

RoEx is the latest company to join Music.AI’s portfolio of best-in-class partners. Music.AI customers will have access to RoEx’s AI-powered audio mixing capabilities, providing a state-of-the-art yet efficient solution for high-quality multitrack mixing.

This builds on integrations announced earlier this year: Masterchannel’s spatial audio upmixing and Cyanite’s AI-based music tagging and search solutions. These partners bring specialized capabilities to complement Music.AI’s 50+ proprietary stackable AI modules.

The AI-powered services of all four companies are now available as drag-and-drop modules that can be easily combined, allowing content owners and services of all types to process large quantities of media at speed.

Customers of the Music.AI platform can access the broadest blend of audio services available from one place, saving them time and money while scaling on demand.

The deal represents the latest step in Music.AI’s strategy to provide a single source of AI-centric audio tools to help businesses deploy workflows more quickly. It opens a new breadth of opportunity for companies that may lack the expertise or bandwidth to embrace emerging technologies.

The growing range of services presented by Music.AI is reflected in the unprecedented amount of audio now being processed across the platform.

With more than 16,000 organizations on its platform, Music.AI is processing more than 2 million minutes of audio per day.

Matt Henninger, VP of Business Development and Sales, Music.AI, said: “What excites me so much about RoEx’s inclusion in the Music.AI ecosystem is its ability to take existing audio content and significantly improve its mix quality. Companies that are currently leveraging AI technologies to separate, replace, or augment content can now quickly and efficiently blend together the audio components at scale.”

David Ronan, CEO, RoEx, said: “We’re excited to make one of RoEx’s intelligent audio tools available to Music.AI’s 16,000 partner organizations. RoEx is the only company on the market offering a comprehensive range of end-to-end audio production solutions, including multitrack mixing, mastering, and audio clean-up. This unique feature set allows RoEx to empower creative workflows and create efficiencies for Music AI’s client base, including record labels, technology companies, and more.”