Music Tech Europe: Uniting Forces for Innovation in the Music Sector

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3 min readMar 12, 2024

In an unprecedented move to unite music and technology across Europe, leading national music technology associations and music industry bodies have come together to form Music Tech Europe.

This new umbrella association represents a collective effort and is a demonstration of unified commitment to accelerate innovation and sustainable growth in the music sector at a European level, making it the largest and most influential organisation in the European music tech ecosystem.

This launch signals a new era of collaborations between different organisations in the music ecosystem with Music Tech Europe’s foundation being built upon its founding members: MusicTech Germany, Music Innovation Hub, MESO Events, Nordic Music Tech, Wallifornia MusicTech, Music Tech France, Barcelona Music Tech Hub, Music Finland, Music Tech Norway, and Music Technology UK.

Key Objectives and Future Directions

As an independent non-profit organisation, Music Tech Europe is dedicated to serving as the principal liaison in Europe for music technology and innovation. Its mission is to nurture and catalyse music tech innovation in Europe by creating a unique ecosystem that promotes sustainable development within the music sector. The association seeks to improve the economic infrastructure and creative environment necessary for European music technology innovations to thrive.

The interconnection between music and technology has always been pivotal. With emerging technologies presenting significant growth potential and positive impacts for music businesses, communities, and artists, there is a critical opportunity to strengthen the ties between these sectors. Music Tech Europe is committed to building bridges and facilitating dialogues between the music and technology sectors, positioning innovation in the music sector as a core component of European competitive advantages in the creative industries.

Membership: A Symphony of Collaborative Efforts

Music Tech Europe’s membership structure reflects the diversity and dynamism of the sector, encompassing a wide range of entities from associations and syndicates to networks, hubs, and private organisations. All members share a common goal: to accelerate innovation in the music sector within their respective countries. Founding members include prominent organisations such as MusicTech Germany, Music Innovation Hub (Italy), MESO Events (Greece), Nordic Music Tech (Sweden), Wallifornia MusicTech (Belgium), Music Tech France, Barcelona Music Tech Hub (Spain), Music Finland, and Music Technology UK. The founding members serve as key multipliers, extending the association’s reach and impact within their national music tech ecosystems. This inclusive structure ensures a wide-ranging representation and support for initiatives aimed at enhancing the European music and tech ecosystem.

Envisioning the Future of Music Business

Music Tech Europe operates on the belief that the future of the music business encompasses both traditional sectors and tech-driven innovations. By developing programs that foster new concepts, businesses, and collaborations, the association aims to ensure the growth and competitiveness of the music sector on a global scale. Services and programs are designed to support stakeholders across the entire value chain, regardless of position and size.

A Call to Action for Stakeholders

The launch of Music Tech Europe represents a unique opportunity for stakeholders within the music and technology sectors to collaborate toward a shared vision of innovation and growth. As the association embarks on this journey, it extends an invitation to organisation and networks in Europe, passionate about shaping the future of music through technology, to join its ranks.

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