Music Technology UK Debuts with 12-strong Advisory Board

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2 min readNov 29, 2023

Music Technology UK (MTUK) has launched, an industry association with a mission to drive recognition of the UK as a global leader in music tech innovation.

Guided by a 12-strong Advisory Board, the association stands side by side with the UK’s world-leading music industry to maximise opportunities for investment and growth. By building innovative and productive partnerships with music industry stakeholders and supporting new and existing initiatives, MTUK aims to create greater value for all.

The Advisory Board are: Gareth Deakin, Director, Sonorous Global Consulting; Jane Dyball, Founder, Laffittes; Jon Eades, COO, Figaro; Cliff Fluet, MD, Eleven Advisory; Rick Gleave, Senior Vice President — EMEA & MENA, TunedGlobal; Helena Kosinski, Vice President, Global, Luminate; Rachel Lyske, CEO, DAACI; Claire Mas, Music/Tech Advisor & COO; Helen Sartory, SVP Creator Services, Beatport; Amanda Schupf, Founder, Max Music Strategic Advisory Consultancy; Simon Scott, Founder & CXO, Push Entertainment; and Paul Trueman, Chief Operating Officer, un:hurd.

The association is launching with a tiered membership fee structure based on company turnover, including free membership for companies with a turnover of up to £250,000. MTUK will be announcing a list of Founding Members in the new year.

A member consultation will be launched to consider where MTUK should focus its efforts, but it has identified the following eight objectives:

1. Foster industry leadership

2. Cultivate growth and investment

3. Create productive partnerships

4. Nurture talent and innovation

5. Expand global reach

6. Integrate across media

7. Strengthen community networks

8. Champion economic advantages

More information on these eight objectives can be found here.