Our Life Logs, Xero Shoes and Animoto Announce: Remember My Story — Video Diaries from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Life Logs, an international story project sharing true-life journeys of resilience from around the globe, has partnered with Xero Shoes and Animoto for an inspired story-telling initiative.

Together they will launch the Our Life Logs video library with Remember My Story: Video Diaries from the COVID-19 Pandemic, inviting the public to share their own inspiring stories from this unprecedented time. Our Life Logs believes that humans have the strength and power to overcome adversity in unique and wonderful ways. Xero Shoes’ line of barefoot running-inspired shoes encourages natural movement, helping people to feel more fun and freedom in their lives — something everyone has been longing for during the isolating COVID lockdown

Remember My Story will encompass a wide range of pandemic related stories told in the form of Video Diaries: a first responder or other essential worker at the frontlines, a parent with children learning remotely, someone who has lost a job or loved one, a student handling major changes or anything else — all stories are welcome. These stories will showcase the power of the human spirit to persevere through incredible circumstances, creating empathy and connectivity to support everyone living through these transformational times. These stories will be enshrined in COVID history. As a way to support the creators, the first 100 video diaries accepted into the archive will each receive a $100 grant, and the first 50 will also receive a $50 Xero Shoes gift certificate. To read all the details, the submission guidelines and rules, visit the microsite here: www.ourlifelogs.com/rms.

Remember My Story is also presented in partnership with Animoto, a video editing platform that makes it easy for anyone to create powerful and professional video, no experience required. Animoto is offering a free month of Animoto Professional to Remember My Story video creators for a limited time — just email hello@blueloopllc.com with the subject line ANIMOTO to receive the promo code with more details.

Kent Savage, Founder of Our Life Logs shares, “We all feel more connected when we hear stories from others who have overcome challenges similar to our own. That’s the foundation of Our Life Logs — sharing our triumphs with others can uplift us in times of adversity and bring hope at a time when we can all use some positivity and good news. Since he shared his story with us in 2020, Xero founder Steve Sashen has been a source of inspiration to all of us. We’re proud to be adding video to our collection, and to partner with Xero Shoes to bring even more impactful stories to the world during a time when so many of us have felt disconnected.”

In 2020, Xero Shoes CEO and co-founder Steven Sashen shared his story with Our Life Logs, called ‘No really, can you run in those?’ (Our Life Log #498), chronicling the twists and turns his life had taken before he found the inspiration to start Xero Shoes. You can read Steven’s story here.

“Xero Shoes was inspired by the best-selling book, Born to Run, about how the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico run pain- and injury-free without traditional footwear. That sparked a worldwide movement in barefoot running. We know the power of storytelling and we’re thrilled to partner with Our Life Logs to amplify personal stories of resilience and triumph from all walks of life,” says Steven. “Just as the COVID-19 pandemic changed many people’s lives, Xero Shoes is excited to give a voice for people to share their experiences with Our Life Logs’ video diaries.”

Xero Shoes also donates a portion of their proceeds from their DIY Sandal Kit to the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital Fund. The Indigenous people of the Copper Canyon in Mexico, the Tarahumara have been suffering under drought, food shortages, lack of access to health care, and other challenges. We’ll be sharing a story from the Tarahumara community as part of this project, in the coming weeks.

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