Qwest TV Announces First Canada Partnership With Free Livestream From Montreal Jazz Festival

Quincy Jones’ global music streaming hub Qwest TV announced its first event partner in Canada, the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Qwest TV will be livestreaming two concerts from the world’s biggest jazz festival, accessible worldwide for free on Saturday, September 18.

5:15pm ET on the Qwest TV MIX channel: MISC, latest music created by Jérôme Beaulieu, Simon Pagé and William Côté, blending pop, rock and electro in setting new standards for the current jazz that the three acolytes have been playing since the inception of the Trio Jérôme Beaulieu.

7:30pm ET on the Qwest TV Jazz and Beyond channel: Shay Lia, the Montreal-based French-Djiboutian musician, whose latest release, Solaris, solidifies her connection with audiences around the world. In addition to funk and R&B, we hear Afrobeat, Afropop and Brazilian pop inspirations.

Please see this link for the platforms and devices on which to access Qwest TV’s live channels.

This is the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between Qwest TV and the Montreal Jazz Festival.

This partnership is also Qwest TV’s first in Canada, just before the live channels launch on Roku in the country at the end of this month.

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