Rebeleon Ent. Releases Two Music Projects in Groundbreaking Spatial Audio

Rebeleon Entertainment is pioneering the release of music using a new, richer audio format that can be experienced on any set of headphones.

Led by 18-time GRAMMY winning producer Sebastian Krys, Rebeleon is using Immersion Network’s transformative technology to create lush, intimate audio experiences that do justice to powerful artist performances. Eager to harness the artistic impact of this technology, Krys applied Immersion Network’s patented approach to two new projects, the first ever commercial releases in this format: The latest EP of acclaimed Colombian duo VALE and “USA,” the latest single from Rebeleon artists Inti & Vicente. The breathtaking spatial audio versions, available on all major streaming services, bring all the dynamic thrill of being in the room with VALE and Inti & Vincente to everyone. Savoring the spatial versions requires no extra hardware; the format is optimized for standard headphones, the dominant way to listen to music.

“Immersion Network’s platform is the greatest development in audio since the dawn of stereo. It was created by music makers and is available to any consumer without having to purchase special hardware. Immersion’s audio improves the listening experience for everyone, not just people with the means to buy expensive equipment.”Sebastian Krys

Immersion is dedicated to making the world a better sounding place. We are grateful to have found such enthusiastic and talented partners for our debut releases. We are honored to work with Sebastian and the team at Rebeleon on our mission to bring the future of audio to everyone, everywhere, without forcing you to buy new hardware or change your listening habits.” — Paul Hubert, Founder Immersion Networks

Hear both Vale and Inti & Vicente’s music featuring Immersion’s spatial audio today on all streaming platforms.

Find out more about Immersion Networks at




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