Single Music Launches Fan Insights Data Dashboard

Single Music, a centralized interface for direct-to-consumer digital music sales, monetized video content, and chart reporting, has rolled out its newest feature: Fan Insights Data Dashboard.

This free service allows artists and labels using Shopify a deeper look into who their superfans are and how to connect with them to form more authentic, meaningful relationships.

The Fan Insights feature does the hard work for artists by compiling data directly from artists’ own Shopify stores. By connecting the dots and doing the leg work for artists, the artists are empowered to take the data breakdowns to inform their marketing decisions. It’s an efficient cycle that puts more money in the pockets of artists: they sell directly to fans, thus earning more revenue, they collect more direct-to-consumer data, and they can use that data to inform their sales. Fan Insights helps bring the process full circle for artists.

Data available for artists include revenue and location data for specific top fans, a world sales heat map, top cities and regions for store and fan data, purchase activity trends, sales-by-type breakdowns, and top merchandise items. For example, if an artist was curious which merch items and sizes were most popular after their album release in different cities in Tennessee, they could see that. If they want to know where to plan their next tour stops, the data here could drive that decision. An artist strategizing a release drop could identify superfans — those most likely to support them and spread the word — and plan an exclusive early release specifically for them. Artists are in the driver’s seat with this data and the road is open.

When it comes to data-driven marketing decisions, Single Music CEO Tommy Stalknecht believes artists need to mean business. “Artists should treat e-commerce as seriously as department stores do,” he said. “For example, Target isn’t selling tank tops in September like they do earlier in the year, so maybe artists shouldn’t either. Data that updates in real time gives artists the power to make those decisions.”

Data use expands beyond e-commerce, of course, and works for anyone. “Artists at any level can make smarter marketing decisions,” Stalknecht said. “They can see how far people may travel to see them. Since they can’t hit everyone on every tour, they can identify markets they’re missing in person and treat those cities to a livestream event before, during, or after tour, for example.”

And if an artist does treat fans to a livestream event? Well, Single Music can help with that, too. The platform gives artists the opportunity to host monetized video content alongside digital music and merchandise sales.

“At the end of the day, the goal is to help artists connect with their fans and build real, lasting relationships,” Stalknecht said. “These are the people who have supported artists even during the hardest times for the industry. It benefits everyone to know who those people are and how to reach them.”

Artists ready to take their direct-to-consumer analytics to the next level by visiting the Single Music insights page to schedule a demo and download the app.


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