Snapchat Gets in the Music Game; From Limewire to Apple Music: How Searching for Music Has Changed

Snapchat, Like Everyone Else, Gets In the Music

Snapchat is the latest social media app to edge into the music business, joining Facebook, Instagram and TikTok parent ByteDance.

From Limewire to Apple Music: How Searching for Music Has

I remember Limewire’s interface as unvarnished, with a complete lack of design character; the UI wasn’t sleek nor sexy, but it was simple — the best kind of simple.

Fjord focus: What Scandinavia tells us about the future of streaming in the

The UK has been enjoying a streaming boom for so long, it’s tempting to think it might go on forever. But all markets mature eventually, so when will streaming peak?

Grateful Dead ‘Dead Sound’ Audio Documentary Details Band’s Crucial Role In Evolution Of Concert
Listen to a fascinating audio documentary entitled “Dead Sound” that explores the crucial role the Grateful Dead played in the evolution of live concert sound.

SoundCloud Steps Up Distribution Services With Acquisition of Repost

SoundCloud has entered a definitive agreement to acquire rights management and distribution company Repost Network, the companies announced.

Will This Wearable Sound Mixer Transform the Live Music Experience?
When Elton John takes the stage at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on June 8 for the first of two dates on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, each fan may hear a different version of the show.

Who’s Going to Stop Spotify’s Viral Rap Impersonators?
Fraudsters and fakes are nothing new, but a new Carti leak highlights just how popular these uploads have become

Podcasts and music: the opportunities… and the
Around 62 million Americans are listening to podcasts on a weekly basis, according to the latest edition of ‘The Infinite Dial’ report

Apple Store Locations: Reviews Show Customer Service in
In interviews, current and former employees say brand building became more important than serving shoppers.

Spotify / Hulu bundle ends in the US for all bar
Spotify launched its first bundled subscription with video-streaming service Hulu in the US in September 2017, for $4.99 a month

Universal Music Group Looks to the Future of Sound Mixing With Dolby

Universal Music Group (UMG) and Dolby Laboratories are teaming up to bring Dolby’s cutting-edge Atmos immersive audio technology to the world of music,

Music industry responds to DotMusic
The music industry welcomes the news that DotMusic has been awarded the rights to the .music domain, with plans to launch using “music-tailored” policies

Spotify Ad

Ever want to know more than just who clicks your Spotify ads?


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