Songtrust Unveils New Logo, Brand Identity During First-Ever Songtrust Summit

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3 min readOct 20, 2021


Songtrust, the world’s largest global publishing administration service, has unveiled a new logo and brand system to correspond with the company’s tenth anniversary.

The updated look and feel was revealed to attendees of the first Songtrust Summit, a one-day virtual conference event exclusive to Songtrust clients, which was held October 15.

The company worked with Brooklyn-based branding agency Order to develop the updated brand system. The new Songtrust icon, a graphical depiction of the letter S formed by two musical notes, emphasizes that music is at the core of the company’s work. The new wordmark and typography are bolder, evoking not only Songtrust’s commitment to accessibility — as the new font is easier to read for those with visual limitations — but also the confidence with which it approaches its work and its position in the industry. Songtrust posted a deep dive into the design details of the new brand on their blog.

“We decided to unveil our new logo and brand look during our Songtrust Summit events for our clients, because they’re at the heart of what we do. Like the Summit, our new design system represents our commitment to educating, empowering, and serving music rightsholders. We’re proud that it’s more engaging and inviting, and that it welcomes songwriters and the teams that work with them, at any career level, to understand their rights and how to manage them,” said Songtrust President Molly Neuman.

Along with the design update, Songtrust has launched a new, updated edition of their Modern Guide to Music Publishing, a free, soup-to-nuts guide about music rights, royalties, and the options available to creators when it comes to managing them.

Offered exclusively to clients, the Songtrust Summit focused on helping attendees understand music publishing and rights management from a global lens, as well as providing ideas and guidance for their career and creative development.

Underlining the company’s belief in the importance of music and its creators, the full day of programming included everything from a songwriting workshop in collaboration with Songathon, to a nuts-and-bolts deep dive into global royalty sources and income tracking.

The company intends to replicate this event annually, with plans for an additional, more internationally-focused version to be held in 2022. Despite the time zone limitations, this year’s event nonetheless had attendees from 43 different countries.

Summit panelists and presenters included #1 Billboard-charting producer and music industry educator Kato on the Track and breakthrough singer and songwriter Tessa Violet, both Songtrust clients; experts from music law, BMI, Audiomack,, and Songtrust parent company Downtown Music; leading video game composers, including Vincent Diamante and HyperPotions; music marketing leaders like Jeremy Gruber of Friends at Work and UK/Africa-focused Steve Spotlight; as well as representatives from Spotify and YouTube leading masterclasses in how to use their platforms.

With sessions like “Maximizing Your Royalty Collection for Producers,” “Determining Shares and Using Split Sheets,” and “Digital Marketing for Independent Musicians,” Songtrust’s Summit aimed at supplying its attendees, whatever their career stage, with actionable information they could immediately apply to their work.

As best-selling music business author and founding partner at Collective Entertainment Emily White said in her closing remarks for the Summit,

“Songtrust is crucial and revolutionary, because in the pre-digital era, you would have to sign with a music publisher to collect your royalties, and back in the day that meant signing your rights away…. What I love about Songtrust is that they are democratizing music publishing.”

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