Stationhead Launches New All-Access Membership Tier for Superfans

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3 min readJun 13, 2024


Fans want to feel special and to connect to each other and their favorite artists.

Artists want an enjoyable, low-lift way to interact with their fans, something that feels like a hang, not a forced marketing initiative. Both sides have found their groove on Stationhead, the innovative social audio platform where millions of superfans regularly create must-join moments with some of the world’s biggest stars, from Billie Eilish to Zayn to Nicki Minaj.

Now, Stationhead is giving these fans the credit they deserve with All-Access. This new proof-of-fandom tier is rolling out across Stationhead’s 1,000+ fan communities after a successful beta test with several household-name artists. In beta alone, over 150,000 users have unlocked All-Access.

“It’s easy to toss around the idea of superfandom, to say that we need focus on superfans, but it’s hard to create something that really serves fans and gives them what they want,” explains Stationhead founder and CEO Ryan Star, himself a successful artist and songwriter with several big hits under his belt. “We’ve done that at Stationhead by focusing on the fun and rewarding side of online events, instead of merely trying to extract value from passionate music lovers. All-Access builds on this and makes fandom feel even more engaging and rewarding, by highlighting the most enthusiastic people in an artists’ community.”

The new All-Access fan tier rewards the dedication of these superfans, one of online music’s first genuine attempts at “proof of fandom.” All-Access is simple: As fans participate in streaks, streaming, and release parties on Stationhead, the data-driven feature distinguishes top superfans. After a 7-day streak, fans unlock the All-Access membership tier for 30 days, which can be extended for each consecutive 7-day streak. Once unlocked, these fans gain access to meaningful perks.

These perks include a badge in fans’ profiles that validates their fandom, an addition that has proven really important to fans. Fans also unlock the ability to create posts in their fandom’s threads, which ensures threads are posted by true fans, something fan communities care deeply about. These superfans also gain priority placement on guest call-in lists when artists and hosts call people up to speak during a live event. This also gives fans access to “All-Access-Only” chat, which is very popular during crowded livestreams.

All-Access status has already become a mark of pride within the Stationhead fandom communities that took part in the beta test. So far, community hosts have used the new feature to organize ticket giveaways and other exclusive offerings. For example, Zayn Malik created a VIP experience for All-Access fans with an All Access-only chat during his release party for his new single “Where I Am.” Other artists have worked to replicate this strategy, with aespa, a popular K-Pop group, launching their incentivized “Better Things” (RAYE Remix) Challenge. Artists using Stationhead benefit from this feature being built in, removing the significant time and expense of creating their own similar marketing campaigns.

“In the ocean of online fandom, Stationhead empowers the best fans,” says Co-Founder and COO Murray Levison, “With All-Access, Stationhead identifies and rewards artist’s super fans and turns fandoms into fan armies.”

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