Super Hi-Fi, WellSaid Debut Andy, the AI Radio DJ

Super Hi-Fi, the company using AI to transform music and audio listening experiences, and WellSaid, the AI text-to-natural speech technology company, today announced the introduction of ANDY (Artificial Neural Disk-Jockey), the first DJ powered by artificial intelligence, to deliver radio-like listening experiences that are completely crafted and delivered by artificial intelligence.

From voice creation and delivery to audio curation and production, music and audio platforms can — for the first time — offer their listeners totally personalized, localized, voice-driven, on-demand products generated by AI in real time.

ANDY demonstrates the power of Artificial Intelligence to create realistic human-voice narrated radio stations with perfect production quality.

The life-like result is almost indistinguishable from a top-tier commercial radio station and includes music segues, breaking news, weather, voice tracks, and advertisements. ANDY leverages WellSaid’s revolutionary natural voice generation technology to create all the DJ voice content in a way that sounds identical to human speech.

This allows for a text-based breaking news headline or weather report to be instantly converted into speech creating a live radio feel. From there, Super Hi-Fi uses its fully AI-powered production suite to automatically select the appropriate piece of content and perfectly weave it together into a seamless, fully-produced experience.

“This partnership opens up infinite creative and commercial possibilities for any audio service and their listeners,” said Zack Zalon, CEO of Super Hi-Fi. “The ANDY initiative is an incredible proof-point for how Artificial Intelligence can help companies to lower costs, increase quality, and deliver consumers tailor-made experiences that until now have been totally unachievable.”

“The WellSaid-Super Hi-Fi partnership takes two very different but complementary AI audio technologies and generates an output that we believe will fundamentally change the way the world consumes audio,” said CEO of WellSaid, Matt Hocking. “Our best-in-class text-to-speech tech delivered with Super Hi-Fi’s sophisticated automated production creates new possibilities in streaming audio, radio, digital fitness, audio news, retail marketing, and beyond. We look forward to bringing this extraordinary value proposition to the market.”

ANDY is available on a limited-basis to commercial services starting today.

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