SURF Music Introduces SURF Sessions, Inviting Creators to Collaborate Globally

Platform & Stream
3 min readOct 10, 2023

Bridging the gap between the Asian music markets and the West, SURF Music has built a reputation for connecting musicians with buyers for exclusive placements across continents.

Now, the company has built SURF Sessions, a place music creators can visit every day for new project discovery, file management, and global collaboration with real-time language translation tools baked in for seamless idea sharing.

“SURF has always focused on global music discovery, but mostly by helping advertisers, film directors, marketing teams, and businesses discover songwriters and producers, and place their tracks,” explains Ken Kobori, Founder and CEO of SURF Music. “Now we are thrilled to take a step toward helping music makers discover each other and explore the new creative possibilities that they can unlock through borderless collaboration.”

With the launch of SURF Sessions, music creators — from topliners to track makers — can apply for a session to collaborate with award-winning producers, or start their own public or private sessions and invite others to join.

A new project begins in SURF Sessions when a creator has an idea for a track and needs a collaborator. They post a project proposal consisting of a short description of their intentions for the project with a demo or stems. Instrument, mood, and genre tags can also be applied for easy discovery.

Musicians and producers looking for their next project can sift through proposals until they find the perfect match for their skills and interests.

Once the creator of the proposed project has chosen their collaborators, the power of SURF Sessions’ comprehensive platform for streamlining and managing the creative process takes full effect. Serving as a dynamic cloud-based storage locker, file sharing mode allows each artist to drag and drop their work into organized folders. This feature supports both audio and visual content, so collaborators can even brainstorm and mock up cover art for their tracks. Once they’re happy with the results, creators can export their finished track to any distribution platform, or place it directly onto SURF’s marketplace–maintaining all of their rights to the song.

SURF Music is also introducing a tiered pricing structure to provide a lower barrier to entry for emerging and rising songwriters and producers starting at $19.99/month. From its pinboard of project briefs for creators seeking collaborators to organized file sharing, SURF is built to support both creators and creative teams through their entire creative journey. With SURF Plus, individual creators can place up to 25 tracks on the marketplace, submit five track briefs per month, and enjoy 100GB of file storage. SURF Pro creators enjoy the same features with 500GB of storage and unlimited track briefs and uploads to the marketplace, plus a dedicated account manager and catalog support. SURF Creator Teams is offered with the same tiered Plus (emerging creators) and Pro (established) subscription options.

“Our ultimate goal is to maximize creators’ opportunities to connect, collaborate, and get their music out into the world,” explains Jona Higa, COO at SURF Music. “Now we have the honor of walking alongside songwriters and producers from the very beginning of the process of finding collaborators all the way through the vital creative stage and onto monetization.”