The Black Market for Spotify Playlists; What Could Blockchain Do for Music?

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4 min readMar 19, 2018

Inside the Black Market for Spotify
A new type of Payola is taking place on Spotify, with artists using third-party services to get added to influential playlists, and the company is inadvertently paying for it.


What Could Blockchain Do for Music?

Musicians are exploring blockchain as a ‘big spreadsheet in the sky’ that could help them seize back control from big business.


Why Spotify Won’t Be the Netflix of
Musicians have long complained about the power of big record labels. Investors tempted to buy Spotify stock when it goes public later this month could end up sympathizing.


Station Inn launches online
Last night, Nashville’s famous Station Inn jumped on board with a popular new method of getting music out into the world, Facebook Live.

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British Singer Zak Abel Announced as ‘Deezer Next’ Global Priority
Fast-rising pop singer Zak Abel has been announced as Deezer’s second global priority act of 2018, following in the footsteps of fellow Brit Jorja Smith.

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Congress Is Making Headway on a Bill to Modernize How Musicians Are

But they should slow down so musicians can point out the many flaws in fine print.

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Spotify aims for youthful Vietnamese

Online music leader bids to capitalize on country’s music-loving, free-spending and increasingly tech-savvy middle class.

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Merlin Network strikes streaming deals for independent music in
The digital rights agency says the licensing agreements will give their members access to about 90% of China’s digital music listeners.


10 key talking points from the Spotify investor
Spotify held its ‘investor day’ event earlier this evening, revealing that it will go public on 3 April in the process. You can read our liveblog here.

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Why are British executives ruling the modern music business?

It’s becoming par for the course during debut lunch meetings with US major label execs.

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LMC is a new platform that allows music-related venues and clubs to broadcast live events globally without the complexity and cost of many pay-per-view options.

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How technology is changing the music
From a global music currency to virtual multi-camera recording setups, here are a few ways that technology is helping the industry to grow

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Spotify: Three Revenue Streams That Could Help It
Could podcasts, advertising and video be the magic formula?

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Music and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven?

Looking at music usage in social media, and how this could lead to huge music licensing opportunities for emerging artists.