The Future of Music Playlists; The Eternal Revenue Stream of Led Zeppelin

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4 min readJul 16, 2019
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Hitting Fast Forward to Discover the Future of Music
Are playlists the new albums? And what happens next in this increasingly important area of the music business? Ben Gilbert speaks to three influential figures to find out.


The Eternal Revenue Stream of Led Zeppelin

In the streaming era, record companies are cashing in anew on old hits — and getting more creative about how to do it.


If we’ve got Spotify and Instagram Lite, what’s the point of the full apps?
There has been a flurry of slimmed-down versions of apps to hit the market this week, which has posed the question of whether the standard versions are bloated with features we don’t need


Few facts about streaming and music

Since the first days of the recorded music, the different formats had an impact on music creation (from the very first recordings to the LP or the CD).

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Blockchain: Recording the music

Blockchain is the technology that sits behind a new kind of database called a distributed ledger. It gives us a much more secure way to store and manage data.

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The innate pleasures of the YouTube music rabbit
YouTube is a weird, but addictive place to listen to music.


Bose’s success with shades that play tunes may trigger a company
Wearable tech is big business. If Bose is able to sell these smartglasses in large numbers, the likes of Apple and Google could soon make bids.

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How Party Streaming Platform Cercle Hosts Shows at the Eiffel Tower, a Remote Bolivian Salt Flat &
Since 2016, the Paris-based event organizer and broadcasting group has hosted Solomun, FKJ, Nina Kraviz and more at some truly unique locales.

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Music Streaming Now Accounts for 66% of Germany’s Total Record Music
According to German music organization BVMI, the country has posted $881.5 million in revenue thanks to music streaming while CDs and downloads crashed.

How ipod invention impacts music and tech industry

How iPod Invention Impacts Music and Tech
With the invention of the iPod in 2001, the entire category of digital music players was revolutionized. The fact that an iPod lets you store

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Spotify programmatic sales boss: we can’t prioritize data over

Even as Spotify, Adobe and Google trek across Europe together to get advertisers to make programmatic audio a larger portion their media plans, industry professionals are still working to understand a quickly developing medium.

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How do people listen to classical music?

One of the downsides of the under-representation of classical music in existing streaming services, is that we have very limited exposure to datasets consisting purely of classical music usage.

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