TikTok Launching Rappers to Viral Success; How DotMusic Limited Won the .Music Domain War

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4 min readJun 26, 2019
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How TikTok Is Launching Rappers to Viral Successwww.complex.com
TikTok, known as Musical.ly in a past life, is a video app that is launching rappers to viral success, from Lil Nas X to BoyBoy West Coast.

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How DotMusic Limited Won the .Music Domain Warwww.billboard.com
The more than decade-long battle over the .music top-level domain extension has finally come to an end. The victor: DotMusic Limited, a company founded by Cypriot entrepreneur Constantine Roussos that won out over such heavy hitters as Google and Amazon.

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DoJ Surprise Announcement Triggers Music Biz Clash Over Streaming Moneywww.forbes.com
The music industry has been set on its ear so many times in the past two decades, it looks like a wrestler with cauliflower ear. And a recent bulletin from the U.S. Department of Justice may bounce it off the ropes one more time.

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Anchor is Spotify’s best bet to beat Apple for control of your earswww.fastcompany.com
But will being part of Spotify put Anchor’s mission of “democratizing audio” in jeopardy?

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How Music Discovery Works Today, and What Artists Can Do To Stand Outwww.complex.com
Social media, tastemakers, playlists, media, and more music than ever before — we tried to make sense of it all and how it relates to discovering new artists.

Why Netflix Subscriptions Would Benefit From Music Streamingcoed.com

Why music can be quite beneficial to the gaining success of Netflix and how it’s business and become stronger.

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What’s Behind Facebook’s Digital Currency And Why Spotify Is Interestedwww.forbes.com
As real-world utility begins to surface with potential use cases for digital currency, the ways we understand and assign value to evolving paradigms raises many questions — particularly those of trust and security.

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Vienna State Opera 2018–19 Live Stream: Verdi’s ‘Aida’ To Star Gregory Kunde & Elena Gusevaoperawire.com

The Vienna State Opera’s final live stream of the season will be a production of Verdi’s “Aida” on June 29, 2019.

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Why Play a Music CD? ‘No Ads, No Privacy Terrors, No Algorithms’www.nytimes.com
Streaming services have revolutionized the discovery of songs, but here’s why Ben Sisario, who covers the music industry, still likes to listen to compact discs.

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Sonos Sues Competitor Bluesound for Patent Infringementvariety.com
It’s the second such lawsuit filed by the company over its smart speaker patent portfolio.

Creator support midia streaming model

Creator Support: A New Take on User Centric Licensingmusicindustryblog.wordpress.com

User-centric licensing (i.e. stream pay-outs based on sharing the royalty income of an individual user split across the music they listen to) has stimulated a lot of debate.

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Why Streaming Services Have Less Customer Churnwww.pymnts.com
The new Subscription Commerce Conversion Index analyzes the challenges providers face in creating subscriber loyalty, which is key to keeping users engaged.

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