VNUE Reports 100% Accuracy on Streaming ID with Soundstr

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3 min readMay 12, 2021

VNUE announced that it has been working on enabling its Soundstr Music Recognition Technology (MRT) not only for identification of music in bars, restaurants, radio stations, and other physical businesses, but has been actively developing a solution to also track and identify online streams — meaning that any streaming source, such as online radio, games and vloggers, or other digital sources like Youtube, Apple Music and Spotify — may be monitored and audited.

In tests with several sources, including Apple Music and others, Soundstr’s “SaaS” platform (Software as a Service) was able to correctly identify every single song that was played. Importantly, Soundstr is not just identifying the playlist, but also the composers, lyricists, publishers and other data that is related to the specific tracks that are being played. This granular data from each source can then be aggregated with hundreds and thousands of other sources to create a complete and compelling landscape of music consumption, especially when combined with physical locations and radio.

“Soundstr has always been about a complete platform, not just hardware or software,” said CEO Zach Bair. “To scale, Soundstr must have flexibility that doesn’t require a single piece of hardware. A total solution means we develop the platform so that not only do we have our Soundstr Pulse devices that are physically installed in businesses, but that we can deploy our SaaS solution that will, for example, track audio from virtually any digital source. This is a very important development, because many smaller DSPs, and even some larger ones, don’t have the capability to deliver a deep data set that can be useful for tracking outside of tracking for their own use.”

Additionally, the SaaS platform is being developed so that it may be installed on 3rd party devices — meaning that Soundstr will be able to be integrated with existing vendor equipment, for example, other hardware such as routers, POS systems, media players, and more. The company is actively exploring potential relationships.

Soundstr’s Pulse has also recently been tested successfully in a commercial setting to double as its own media player, so that business owners may have the additional benefit of a high-quality solution to deliver fully licensed music in their establishment, and can also utilize the tracking and identification functionality its MRT for other music sources.


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