VNUE to Add StageIt Founder Evan Lowenstein to Board Of Directors

VNUE announced today that Evan Lowenstein, founder of StageIt, will be joining VNUE’s board of directors, to be effective at the closing of the acquisition of that company.

The parties are in the final stages of preparing the definitive documents to the transaction.

Lowenstein, also known for half of his identical twin duo “Evan and Jaron,” who had the smash hit “Crazy for this Girl” back in 2000, is a pioneer in the ticketed live-streaming space, having achieved many firsts including the introduction of the “Virtual Tip Jar” and a “Pay What You Can” model for ticketing. On the board, Lowenstein will be working closely with VNUE CEO Zach Bair to help Stageit take advantage of other offerings such as Soundstr, VNUE Radio, and, inside the overall company.

It wasn’t originally contemplated that Lowenstein would be taking a more active role in VNUE. After steering Stageit to $4M in revenue in just under 10 weeks in early 2020, Lowenstein moved to the Chairman role of StageIt and brought in new management. As the company continued to grow it experienced growing pains under the new leadership and quickly found itself in debt. Bair was able to see a path forward for the fledgling company and reached out to Lowenstein to see if there might be a way to work together.

“A 20-minute phone call turned into about two hours as we just kept discovering new things that we completely connected on,” said Bair. Added Lowenstein, “As soon as I heard Zach talk to me about his passion for the arts and his desire to always put artists first, I was on board with the deal.”

Bair continued: “I’m so excited that Evan is joining our board. He is the mastermind of this space and brings an abundance of creativity and passion that will immediately be felt at VNUE. Having his vision and guidance will help us to better build upon the legacy brand he created.”

Lowenstein will join the other VNUE board members including Bair, who is Chairman; Tony Cardenas, and Lou Mann.




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