What NFTs Promise Music Creators — And What They Actually Do; Super Hi-Fi, WellSaid Debut AI Radio DJ; Spotify X Shopify

What NFTs Promise Music Creators — And What They Actually Doyashbagal.substack.com
Why own anything in the age of abundance?

Super Hi-Fi, WellSaid Debut Andy, the AI Radio DJplatformstream.medium.com

From voice creation and delivery to audio curation and production, music and audio platforms can — for the first time — offer their listeners totally personalized, localized, voice-driven, on-demand products generated by AI in real time.

Spotify to let artists turn their profiles into ‘a virtual merch table’ with new Shopify partnershipwww.musicbusinessworldwide.com

Artists can now use Shopify to manage and sell merch to fans via their artist profile.

3 levels of DAO involvement for musicians (and those who love music)www.musicxtechxfuture.com

The internet is entering a new era of community. The web3 has unlocked the possibility for communities to easily come together across platforms, which gives communities a sense of ‘realness’ that doesn’t feel the same as being on a web2 platform.

Does Anyone Want a Virtual Concert?pennyfractions.ghost.io
Is the flood of cash into funding livestreaming companies filling a consumer demand or investor dreams?

As Steam bans games selling NFTs, should music be wary too?musically.com
This is not a music story, but it’s one that may give our industry pause for thought in the continued excitement around non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Can music mimic Marvel? SM Entertainment CEO Sung Su Lee on building K-Pop’s answer to a cinematic superhero universewww.musicbusinessworldwide.com

SME’s chief executive, Sung Su Lee, explains his company’s strategy for building a roster of artists who can come together in the metaverse.

Apple Sees Future of Streaming in Classical Music www.bloomberg.com
The tech giant’s acquisition of tiny classical-music startup Primephonic should tell us something about what factors are going to matter most to listeners and viewers.

Huntsville’s New Music Streaming Platform is a Blast!huntsvillebusinessjournal.com

You don’t need a library card to check out Blast, Huntsville’s new online platform for streaming music from local artists.

Gaming’s freemium model is making billions. For the music industry, it offers valuable lessons.www.musicbusinessworldwide.com
What the music industry can learn from the video games sector about the long-term power and potential of free content

Liberty Media Sells iHeartMedia Stake, Exiting Broadcast Radio Businesswww.billboard.com
Liberty Media ended its brief entrée into broadcast radio on Oct. 5 by selling its entire stake in iHeartMedia, the largest radio broadcaster in the United States.

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